WOD: 4-27-12

Strength:  Clean Pull:

1×10 60%
1×8 65%
1×8 70%
1×8 75%

WOD:  For time:

100 Burpee Pull Ups


Back when CrossFit was just a gym in Santa Cruz, CA, this pseudo-baseline workout was created.  The WODs appellation is G.I. Jane and you can see it be done fully here.  A few key points on Greg Admunson (perhaps the original CrossFit superstar) doing it include:  a bit of a jump, doing it at a particular height, and switching his grip on the bar.  To properly do the WOD, it should be performed at a Pull Up height that has to be jumped to be reached (or whichever height whose Pull Up cannot be significantly assisted by a jump).  Scaling this workout can be done by stacking enough plates so that your forearm is just under half way through the bar and doing Jumping Pull Ups.  Luckily there is no scale for the Burpees.  Mentally split this WOD whoever necessary to make it more tolerable, the idea of having to do 100 Burpees and 100 Pull Ups may seem daunting, but you will eventually think it’s kinda fun…ish.

Now you know what appellation means,




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